Deluxe seclusion in the wilds of downtown.

HD Channels

Free Bedroom Wi-Fi

Free Coffee

Air Conditioning

Private Garage

Modern Showers

  1. Hotel Room Desk
    Desk counter
    5 feet X 14 inches of surface space
  2. Bathroom Shower Ledge
    Shower ledge
  3. Modern luxury bed
    Bedside wing
    Keep your phone next to you.
  4. Modern Hotel Closet
    Closet Rod & Mirror in All Rooms
  5. Maya Bella Swan
    Maya Bella Swan
  6. Fancy Faucet
    Fancy Faucet
    Actually a Standard bathroom.
  7. Deluxe King Bed
    Deluxe King Bed
    Larger bed in a larger room.
  8. Deluxe King
    Deluxe King
    King size bed
  9. Couch for the King
    Couch for the King
    Deluxe Single King Room
  10. Deluxe Comforts
    Deluxe Comforts
  11. Standard Quality
    Standard Quality
  12. Safe Seating
    Safe Seating
 Room Features 
 Bed Features 
 Hotel Features 
All rooms include air conditioning, ceiling fans, hot and cold water, flat-screen TV's with all your favorite HD channels. All rooms are very well lit and have a chair, a work desk and a closet rod with hangars.

Choose from King, Queen or Double Beds, which come fitted with water-resistant covers. A luggage rack stands bedside for you to rest place your suitcase.

Having an enclosed garage, a grand terrace and a front desk focused on you is just the beginning of a safe, spacious and special stay at Maya Bella Downtown Hotel. 

Feel Special at this Spacious & Safe Downtown Hotel. You will Be On Top of your business trip or vacation at our exclusive downtown hotel with our private garage, 3rd-level terrace, and modern rooms. Banks, transport, a DHL Express, and a tourist welcome center are just some of the conveniences within TALKING distance.

Get to work on your laptop on a work desk using free, full-signal Wi-Fi right from the privacy of your bedroom. Drink coffee on your floor level or take it to the top on our terrace. Schedule a runner for any errand you wish at no extra cost.


​​​ Talking Distance
  1. Downtown Banking
    Downtown Banking
    One of five financial institutions nearby.
  2. Local Church
    Local Church
    Local school infants can be seen happily taking a break for mid-week church.
  3. Restaurant Behind Us
    Restaurant Behind Us
    Chef Alejandro lets his reviews do all the talking.
  4. Famous Farmer's Market
    Famous Farmer's Market
    Possibly the most popular downtown destination in all of Belize. You'll find tropical fruits, vegetables, arts and crafts etc...
Maya Bella Crown



  1. San Ignacio Market
    San Ignacio Market
    A sight to behold on Saturdays, you will meet people and sample food from many cultures at this world-famous market.
  2. Fashion and Beauty
    Fashion and Beauty
    We can set up relaxing sessions of mani-pedis, facials, and more right to your room.
  3. Places and Destinations
    Places and Destinations
    Being a guest at Maya Bella Hotel means you get our expert advice on places to visit.
Plan your vacation,
​not your survival.